• Innovation at the heart
    of the service industry

    Let’s give our companies digital tools
    to increase their productivity and agility

  • Saas solution
    at the heart of the activities

    in line with the mobility needs
    of service companies

  • Ecosystems
    of business solutions

    to support all the players in your company
    (agency, field teams, managers, final clients)

    Web and service management solutions specially adapted to your business sector

    For more than 10 years now, we have been keen to co-build with our clients solutions which meet their business requirements.


    (Personal services, seniors’ residences, child care…)

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    (Cleaning and multi services companies, security…)

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    holiday residences…)

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    We chose the SaaS mode to develop our solutions so that you can access your data everywhere and in real time, and you can easily enjoy new releases and upgrades.

    Leading customers
    of their sector of activity
    They chose us as a partner

    Why did you choose Senef?
    “We decided to choose Progisap because it was used by companies that we knew. At the time we had a solution, which no longer corresponded too well, we also asked for demonstrations of new software, and PROGISAP came out to show us the software in detail, which the others could not do.”

    What were the contributions of the solutions?
    “We then implemented mobile remote management, which simplified our work. Today we do not regret this solution.”

    Why did you choose Senef solutions?
    “It was in 2016, beyond the fact that we greatly appreciated the SENEF dynamic, we immediately saw in the application a modernity and the possibility of having an efficient and scalable management tool. At the time, we decided to work together on this solution in order to put our respective knowledge into practice and to be able to make this management tool as professional as possible for those involved in cleaning. Our relationship was immediately based on a reliable partnership. We do not regret our choice.”

    What did Senef’s software do for you?
    “What should be noted and which is important to me is that the software saved us during the lockdown. Indeed, we have a tool that has gathered our data in a secure manner. Which allows all users to work from home with a simple connection. We did not need to download the software on each of the workstations located in the employees’ homes because the tool is 100% Web. This made it easier to adapt to work home. For example, our invoicing is simplified and we took advantage of the lockdown to easily dematerialize the sending of invoices.”

    Support you in all fields

    For 10 years, we have been committed to co-building with our customers the tools that meet the specificities of their business to support their growth.

    Our integrated management modules

    Commercial management

    coche Prospects
    coche Quotation
    coche Clients
    coche Contracts
    coche Electronic Signature

    HR management

    coche Applications management
    coche Contract and endorsements generation
    coche Absences and expenses
    coche Clocking monitoring (check-in solution), vacation request
    coche Automatic generation of pay slip


    coche Planning of work schedule
    coche Schedule consultation
    coche Replacements
    coche Unavaibility management
    coche Tour management


    coche Invoice generation
    coche Payments
    coche Credit notes
    coche Receipts and SEPA direct debits
    coche Payment reminders
    coche Accounting exports

    Purchasing management

    coche Suppliers
    coche Items
    coche Order forms
    coche Delivery
    coche Invoicing


    coche Quality Control
    coche Reports
    coche Action plans
    coche Complaints and anomalies
    coche Requests monitoring

    Think together about
    the future of your business sector

    We invite all our clients twice a year to participate to a users’ group.

    Because Innovation needs to go along with your daily specificities and because the future will be the one we want to build, we gather knowledge to prepare and build tomorrow’s codes.


    10 years

    of experience


    developed software


    mobile applications








    sites installed



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