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    The success story SENEF


    Our story starts with the Web

    Since the creation of SENEF in 2011 Momar Mbaye, its founder, has been betting on full web solutions (100% web-based solutions). With the conviction that SaaS is the future of software, he wins the bid to revamp the software solutions of the french national police force. It’s only the beginning of the Web, but SENEF already has a technical expertise based on Web solutions. We definitely focused on this since the beginning to develop reliable and full-web based solutions. Senef now combine more than 10 years of Web expertise at the service of its clients and partners.


    The care services industry as a start

    SENEF specialized in the service sector starting with the care services industry. We first had to disrupt the users’ habits. First challenge: to to generalize the Web . So our first task was to convince the care services industry’s actors to bet on the new generation of software. We co-build with our first clients a business software adapted to their business needs: Progisap. This software was quickly adopted; leaders decided to work with us and we build a partnership relation based on the human element. We definitely believed in the future growth of the service industry, so we specialized in the development of management solutions adapted to these different business sectors. So we tried to seize the business opportunities and to meet business needs.


    Hospitality management: the logical consequence

    We created Seenet, our software dedicated to the hospitality industry, to complete our solutions and to meet our clients’new needs. The staff management is the key point of this sector, so our clients needed digitalized process to control the services quality and their productivity.


    Facilities management: a vehicle for growth

    On the strength of this experience, we followed the same process to co-build Progiclean and provide a modern software adpated to the cleaning industry. With the important labor force of this industry, we had to create a digital solution to control the information flow. We also wanted to coordinate data/information in real time to fit with mobile and busy actors’needs.


    Services industry as a finality

    Since our creation we have been working on our project: “To give services companies and their users the means to implement the best IT solutions adapted to their needs in order to: save time, facilitate tasks, recognize the value of everyone’s work, quickly and easily increase their growth.”

    SENEF is a software companies dedicated to service companies. Its business software meet organizations’performance expectations.

    Developed on the basis of its own technologies; the created digital tools make users’jobs easier.

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