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    A presence throughout the country

    From the creation of our solutions dedicated to the service sector; over the years we have expanded our presence in France and are present throughout France. Each of SENEF’s solutions has been imagined and created according to this same pragmatism, to co-build the future of management software with our customers to facilitate the daily lives of their employees and their business.
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    A worldwide ambition

    From the international experience of its founding leader; The company quickly knew how to broaden its potential market by focusing on international expansion.

    This is how we very quickly set out to present our solutions around the world:

    • Interclean Amsterdam,
    • ISSA Chicago,
    • ISSA Las Vegas,
    • Hotel Show Dubai,
    • CMS Berlin,
    • Cleaning show Argentina.

    Thanks to these different exhibitions SENEF quickly became a worldwide group:

    France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Canada, Senegal, Tunisia, USA, Argentina, Dubai, Slovenia.

    Care service

    Seniors residences

    Cleaning – Multiservices



    SENEF is a software companies dedicated to service companies. Its business software meet organizations’performance expectations.

    Developed on the basis of its own technologies; the created digital tools make users’jobs easier.

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